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National Garden Week Final Event - "Ask the Gardeners"

Friday, June 10, 2016 was the final event for the Westlake Garden Club's celebration of National Garden Week.   From 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. representatives from the garden club were at Westlake Porter Public Library for "Ask the Gardeners."  Anyone visiting the library could stop by the table and ask their gardening questions.  Club members manning the table had at hand many reference books on gardening to help with the answers to any questions asked.  The garden club members at the table also have a wealth of gardening experience and love to share  their gardening successes and failures with others.  Even though this is but one week out of the year set aside as National Garden Week, we hope that through our events this week, we have helped and inspired at least one person to grow a better garden, or to start a garden for the first time.


More National Garden Week Celebrations

The Westlake Garden Club hosts its second event to celebrate National Garden Week.  On Wednesday, June 8, Regina McCarthy and Jean Smith were in the Children's Reading Room at Westlake Porter Public Library with a "Let's Grow Something" program.  They talked to children about growing plants from seeds and handed out kits containing a 4" plastic pot, a bag of soil, seeds and instructions for growing Cosmos and Green Beans.  It was a captive audience since the children were coming to the library for story time and other programs presented by the library.  It is never too early to get children interested in growing flowers and vegetables and we hope all the children who took kits today will plant their seeds and watch as their plants grow and thrive.


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